Our Shows

The Double Decker Venue that can Pop Up Anywhere!

We can programme all sorts of shows on the BlundaBus
(Acts that have performed include: Stewart Lee, Spencer Jones, John Kearns, Weirdos, Phil Kay)
Here are some of our own productions:

65101cc0-122d-42d2-889b-8d2038dd2223 NEVERMIND THE BUSSTOPS
Bob Slayer’s infamous late night lock-in and happenings: Storytelling on a multiple award-winning double-decker bus. Anything can happen if you let it. We might even have a piano! Spirit of the Fringe ([i]Guardian[/i]).
cfad8fc1-f974-4a11-89d3-93d8dc8c51d2 COMEDYOPOLY
Surprise Fringe hit! The biggest names in comedy are queuing up to throw dice, tiddle winks and generally lark about. Get involved with the off-the-wall chat show while playing Monopoly, Top Trumps, Twister, Hungry Hippos… ‘Hilariously unlikely spectator sport’ ([i]Leicester Mercury[/i]).
4bd276ff-92ae-45d9-af96-d6f4fbca344b HOW TO DRIVE A BUS (KIDS)
The Children’s show on an actual bus: With a Bonkers bus driver, a Clueless conductor, a Double Decker bus AND YOU!! Double Ding! No busses will be actually driven, unless everything goes drastically wrong… Again! Pick of the Kids Shows @ Glasgow Comedy Festival. “Wonderful nonsense for all ages…” (Skinny) “Magically interactive, storytelling show” (Leicester Mercury)